Friday, July 3, 2009

How time flies

I can’t believe that I have been in New Jersey for over a year now. It’s crazy how fast time flies when you’re having fun and loven life. I have had so many fantastic experiences being here. I could not ask for a better job or more amazing friends. Im super excited for my next year here and the many adventures it will bring. Some exciting ones that I know are coming up in the next 5 weeks are: My sister Jamie and I are meeting in Seattle for a week for a quick adventure/vacation. We have some exciting activities planned like visiting the San Juan Islands, whale watching, horse races, dinner cruise, and of course shopping!

In August my nanny family and I are going back over to Europe on a 11 night Eastern Mediterranean Cruise. We will be starting in Veins, Italy for three days. Are next stops are: Rome, Italy; Santorini, Greece; Mykonus, Greece; Istanbal, Turkey; Ephesus, Turkey; Athens, Greece; Naple/Capri, Italy; and back to Rome. I can’t wait to have my camera and take as many pictures as I can. Its going to be an amazing trip! well, I think this is all i have to say for now but ill keep ya'll updated..

Monday, April 27, 2009

Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

Hey, So has it really been 5 months sense I have updated my blog? Whoops, my bad. I’m not even sure where to start because its been so long. Let me just for a brief second go all the way back to November. I spent Thanksgiving in Florida with my nanny fam. It was fun to be out on in 75 degree weather and chillaxing on the beach. We went to this big fancy dinner at a really big house but its just not the same as having the food that you grew up with. All the little traditions and having your own family around. But I really did like the whole beach part of it.
December I was in New York (I try to go at least once a month) and I saw Hairspray. It was fantastic! I loved it so so much. It has the original cast with Marissa Winokur and Harvey Fierstein. It was some fUnny stuff. Humm.. lets see.. In January I flew back home to Utah. It was amazing to be home and see friends and family It’s a lovely feeling to be around the people you love. And when your away and miss them you just end up loving them more right? Oh right, I almost forgot something very important. I have a new Nephew. Yay for family!

February was a fine month. I again was in Florida for a bit. I have to say that I have never owned so many swimming suits in my life. There one of my new favorite articles of clothing that I like to shop for. Nothing can surpass shopping for shoes. Love them! March I don’t think that there was anything to amazing. Besides one of my favorite holidays. I just never quite know how to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Cause I don’t drink but I still love that its all about the color green. And as you know, green complements me and my red hair. Oh wait, I did go up to New Haven with my nanny family so the little man a watch could have some testing done up a Yale. I have to say its not nearly as pretty as the Princeton Campus. But it still was cool to see the school

April was Spring Break and I was back yet again in Florida. Its always fun to go there. I have a friend Bobby that lives there so we can hang out when I’m not working. My nanny fam and I go to the beach, out to lunch or dinner, go shopping. It’s a pretty good life. The day after I got back from florida My mom and little sister came to visit me. We did all the tourist stuff. I took them into New York to see all the sites. We ate hot dogs from a vender for lunch and for dinner we went to this cool place for dinner called Mars 2112. It was underground. You went on this motion ride thing that was supposed to take you to “Mars” and all the waiters were dressed as aliens. It was super neat o. After dinner we saw Shrek. I also took them in to Philadelphia. It’s a pretty city. I love being surrounded by all the history that is there. You know its all real but when you see it in person its just..well.. it was fun. For dinner I took them to get Philly chessesteaks. You can’t be in Philly and not have one. It was a place I saw on the Food Network when I lived in Utah and always wanted to go. It was yummo. So I think I have updated my life in short. It’s been a fun past 5 months and I can’t wait for the next. And I shall try and keep up with everything from now on.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This is Halloween..

On October 25 there was a YSA dance for Halloween. The them was, “50’s Sock Hop” Alana and I with the help of a very nice women in our ward made poodle skirts for the dance. But when the time got close, I decided that that was a little to much of the good girl image. SO I turned in my poodle skirt and joined the Pink Ladies. I do like to live on the wild side. I also just bought a fantastic pair of shoes and thought it would be the perfect time to wear them. Alana and I drove 45min. to the dance listening to Grease the whole way up there. Just to get in the spirit of things. The dance was a BLAST and I was on the dance floor the fool hours. The proof that I was getting jiggy wit it was, well, my legs were killing me three days after. But I guess that’s still not very good proof is it now? I guess you’ll just have to trust me.

The next weekend there was another dance/camping thing in Pennsylvania. SO again, Alana and I drove to our destination. This time it was a little further away, 3 hours. I thought I was going to die! It actually was not that bad I just wanted to sound a little dramatic. Although, im not all the way sure that Alana will ever want to be in a car with me over 30 min. tops. Haha. Are we there yet, are we there yet, what about now?? When we drove my Hershey Penn. We rolled the windows down in the car to see if it smelt like chocolate outside, and I didn’t. What a letdown right? The dance was kind of a bust but I did meet some really cool people and that makes it all worthwhile. Everyone at the dance stayed the night in some cabins. They were not nice at all. Just rows of bunk beds squeezed together as tight as possible. But it really was not that bad for me. I did not get to hot or to cold. I stayed he perfect temperature all night. I was also able to finish my book(I will talk about it later).

The next day they had a lot of activities set up for all of us to do. Alana and I decided to try out the zip line. I’m always up for doing something a little fun and crazy. I was so scared when I had to put on my own harness. I do not trust myself! I would much rather have a professional do it for me. Especially when I’m going to be hanging 100 feet of the ground at one point. But I did do it and it was so much fun! Ok, climbing up the later a the beginning was kind of well, terrifying, but in a good way I guess. I would do it again in a sec. Oh, I did play frisbee, but that did not go to well, not because it never went in the direction I threw it but because I broke more than one nail in the process and that I not cool. We left for the journey home at 4, but not before a big group of us stopped and ate at the Cracker Barrel. It was delishious. All in all it was a awesome weekend. I do want to plan a trip to DC. It is only a 4 hour drive and I think it would be lots of fun to go back there.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Falling Leaves

Princeton is so beautiful this time of year. Well, so far every season I have been here has been very pretty. But fall is amazing! Whenever I’m driving I’m always thinking to myself, “I wish so and so could see this” (you can just put your name in there) There are so many trees here. Especially where I live. I’m driving through a little forest everyday to get home. But sense there are so many trees, the pile of leaves are huge! I tried taking a picture with my phone but it does not do it justice. They are lining the streets in my neighborhood. The piles are easily 6 or 7 feet high and go on forever. The color of the trees is pretty darn incredible too. The orange, brown, red, yellow, there like the colors I would want at my wedding some day:)

So this last Saturday, I took Hunter to Hebrew school. I actually watched him all day which was a first to me but I liked it. So anyways, I found the temple where his school was and dropped him off. It’s in New Brunswick and that area is a little ghetto. It’s kind of like the small dirty parts of New York. I had like 2 hours to kill while he was in school, so I went to a Barns and Noble..Is that how you spell it? Anyways, I was looking for some new books to read. I was not going to buy them just find some and write them down so I can go to the library and check them out. I looked at some by Nicholas Sparks and Clare Naylor. I’m very excited to go get them so I can read them. Reading is my new thing. It’s so nice to have a book to pull out whenever you need something to do. Or if you are waiting somewhere by yourself. The next book I actually plan on reading is,” The Other Bolyin Girl” It’s the story of King Henry 8th and his wives. Its 900 hundred pages so it will take me a little longer but that’s fine. Back to My story now. After the book store I went to Panera for a cup of French onion soup and to do a little reading. When it was finely time to pick Hunter up a throw everything away but when I tossed my water glass in it bounced off the edge and the ice flew at this mans head who was sitting at his tabled, minding his own business. I was so mortified and embarrassed that this happened. I just said I am so so sorry and I left before he could really reply. I’m sure my face was bright red.

The rest of the days was pretty layed back. I got Hunter some Mic Dees on the drive home . When we got there we played basket ball and some bored games. Watched a movie and did some computer games. He took a nap which I was very excited about because sometime he will not fall asleep but I had a head ache and wanted to sleep myself. I talked to Joe over Skype which always makes even the best day grander. Hunter and I ordered some pizza and watched Jeopardy. I put him to bed and that was the end of my nigh. It was my time to relax and I sure love to do that.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME:)

Last weekend was my birthday and I was pretty dang excited to be turning 21. I’m not sure why cause you cant really do anything different on that birthday then I could my last one. But then when I was watching some tube, there was all these deals that you could get like staying the weekend in Vegas or hotels in New York and you could not get them unless you were 21. So that’s the reason why I am excited to be 21, I can get extra good deals on random things. I think that is pretty cool if you ask me.

So, I actually had to work on my birthday but I partied before and after. On Thursday, I took the train into New York (the first time by myself, I totally felt 21 haha) and I met up with a friend, Chelsea , that I really had not seen sense high school. So it was so so much fun to see her. She works as an intern at the temple doing international communicating. Or something along that line. I got off the train at Penn Station and was supposed to take the number 1 train up to 66th. I got on the wrong one and ended up at like 14th but no worries, I just grabbed another one and got to the right place. We ate dinner at Applebees on Broadway and then went to see Legally Blond. It was sooo funny. I was laughing the entire time. The only reason I can say I like the movie better is because I love Reese Witherspoon to death. To this day, the songs from that show are in my head.

Friday was my actual birthday. Dina had a show to go to so I had Hunter. Which I fine cause I love when I got to spend any type of one on one time with him. Hunter’s teacher, Dina, and I actually made up a fun schedule for Hunter and I to do when it’s just him and I and im very very very excited about it. Dina got a piece of non chocolate cake and put a candle in it and Hunter sang me happy birthday,. It was so cute. Then she gave me a watch and a gift certificate to an amazing shoe store. She knows me so well all ready. So anyways, After Hunter was in Bed, my friend Alana came over to chill with me. She brought me a cake and it was delish and an IOU that was good for one purse in China Town. If you have ever been there or have heard about it you would understand why I was so excited. It’s like knock off central. Love it! One of the reasons I like it so much out here is because of the friends that I have met. Without them I know that I would be ready to come home a lot sooner.
Saturday, Alana and I had off to New York. We went up to see the Temple and found this nice little place to have lunch. I can’t remember the name, but it was the name of a woman. We then took the subway down to China Town. I was so dang excited to get a new purse, you have no idea. SO after wondering around China Town with no luck at all, we finely get luck with like a little over an hour before are show starts. So we go into some secret rooms and its like heaven. Big brand label purses everywhere! These little rooms can fulfill a girls dream. They certainly fulfilled mine. It was AmAzInG! Alana and I then rush to the subway and make are way back to Broadway. Broadway at night is really a sight to see. Its kind of like Vegas but classier in a different type of way. I love it. And the weather was amazing. To make it even better, all the Navy sailors were there that weekend. They were all gorgeous and I just wanted to..well..we don’t have to talk about that. We made it to our Show (39 steps) it was my first non musical play and it was supper funny. Its kind of like a spoof on Alfred Hitchcock’s movies. All the shows I have seen I would be more than willing to see them a second time. I have to thank Dina’s mom because she always gets me all the tickets , so I have never yet payed for one. So this was my first birthday away from home and I think that It was a really good one. One that I will remember forever. Thank you to everyone who made my 21sy birthday the best 21st birthday a mormon girl can have.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Going for Gold

So, its kind of been awhile sense I have updated this but what’s new right? Haha. So last Saturday (Sept. 27) my friend Alana and I ran a 5K for “The Parkinson Alliance” And when I say a 5K I really mean I mile run. It sounds so much cooler to call it a 5K though. I was happy with myself for running it in the 13 min range. Considering I have not ran the mile sense I was in like the tenth grade I impressed myself..alot. It was an amazing feeling to run for a cause . To be running for the finish line and everyone is cheering for you and to get your cheesy little metal. It was grand. And I felt really cool to wear that paper number. It made it all official and stuff. After all the runs were done they had food for us. Subs and pizza, I ate the sub. It felt weird to eat this greasy piece of pizza after you feel so good for exercising. They had games for the little kids to play and a massage table set up to relax your body I guess. By the time I made it over there they were closed. Bummer.

After the race, Alana and I decided to start working on our poodle skirts for a sock hop that we are going to in October. It’s a young singles activity for everyone in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. I’m way excited to see friends and to meet new people. Well anyways, back to the skirts. Neither I nor Alana know how to really sew that well. But we figured we would give it a try. The felt was really cheap so we would not be out that much money if we messed the whole thing up. So I found out, well I really knew it to begin with but I can sew, I just can’t read patterns. I also do not have the patients for them. The same goes with pinning the fabric before you start. Its so time consuming and I just don’t like it. Needless to say, the farthest we got was cutting out mine and trying to figure out how to thread the sewing machine. Which we never figured it out so we just called it an afternoon. Alana had to be somewhere so I just went to a movie cause I did not really want to go home and I read all the books that I just got. I watched Ghost Town and it was an excellent movie! Definitely one of my favorite’s sense I have been out here.

That Sunday was really neat cause I helped the sister missionaries by picking a girl up that is investigating the church. I sat with all the missionaries at church and that made me feel like I was doing my calling. Just being surrounded by them . She actually decided to get baptized this past week. So Saturday October 4th, I am going to my first baptism here. I’m very excited for it. And to wear the new dress I bought for the occasion. There is this guy that had been investigating for the past month and a half. He is 24 years old. Has a collage degree in criminal justice and just got out from serving four years in the Air Force. He asked me out on a date and we did go out to dinner Monday night. He asked me out to lunch and then to dinner again and a movie. He is kind of date crazy! Every time I’m with him he talks about wanting to get married and start the part of his life. It was kind of funny, He would say something that he wanted, ex. He wants 6 kinds. And If mine was not the same he would change to that. So now he wants 3 kids like me. Haha. I am not really feeling him so I told him I was not interested in dating and yada yada. I did make me feel good that someone wanted to date me. I had not been on a real date sense tenth grade. I think everything must have happened that year. So don’t worry Heather, I’m not getting married at the age of 21!! Haha. Ill wait tell..well..I’m done having fun I guess. Oh yes, something else. I stared working out at my gym with a personal trainer and by body has never hurt so much in my life! But its kind of a feel good hurt in a way, weird I know. I do an hour and a half 3 days a week and its actually kind of fun. Well im off until next time I decide to write. Who knows when that will be.

Monday, September 8, 2008

YAY For Weekends!

After Cleveland we headed back up to the shore to finish out the rest of the week at the beach house. The ocean was crazy rough because of all the hurricanes that are happening. Hanna was the one that affected us the most. So my nan family and I got back to Princeton Friday afternoon and I was so ready to hangout with all my friends and not have to worry about any work. So, Alana, Bobby, and I got together and we went out to dinner at this Mexican restaurant that was in the ghetto part of Princeton. Every town has to have one. But that just means that the food is going to be really good. HaHa. It was not a good night for my friend Bobby. I spilled salsa on his pants through the crack between the table. I spilled my glass of water on him and the glass actually broke, and Alana was trying to be nice and box up his left over food and the dirty spoon flew at him. To say the least we were laughing the whole dinner. Maybe not Bobby. Haha. We then meet up with some other people and went bowling tell around midnight. Then it went back to just being the 3 of us. I guess we can be called, “The Three Amigos’” We headed to Alana’s house to watch a movie. Alana is a nanny as well but she has the whole down stairs of the house to herself so her house is the place to be. It was a greatly needed after a month of non stop work, amazing night fallowed be a crazy, stormy, rainy day. Oh yes, on Sunday i received my first calling ever. I am a ward missionary. Go out with the missionaries and help them teach and i make sure that they have a place to eat dinner when needed. I'm basically there assistant. I'm both excited and nervous about it. But I'm positive that this is what i need to do. Who knows..maybe it will make me want to to go on my own mission to a cool place like Scotland or Australia.